6 Tips to Look and Be Confident in a Remote Interview

Carl Wheatley
3 min readAug 2, 2021


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1. Preparation Ahead of Time

When carrying out an interview, you have to think about the image you provide. In a remote interview, that image reaches the space around you, so be smart when picking the place for your interview. Set up your webcam and microphone ahead of time so you can ensure everything is plainly visible and audible. Verify the background from your job interviewer’s point of view to be sure it is free from mess and prospective diversions.

2. Pick Your Outfit Wisely

The outfit you select can be a reflection of your character however, regrettably, some things just do not translate well on video. Pick something simple but professional that fits well and makes you feel excellent. Try out the attire the day before to make certain it’s tidy and set it out so you’re ready to go on the day of your interview. Prevent the temptation to just dress from the waist up — you’ll regret it if you need to get up during the interview.

3. Good Posture and Body Language

Strong body movement interacts confidence, so bear in mind the image you’re presenting. Position your chair so your head and body fills the majority of the video screen and sit upright with your chest and chin up, your shoulders back. Keep your arms relaxed at your sides, not crossed in front of you, and do your finest not to fidget.

4. Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact with your recruiter produces a connection and jobs confidence on your part. In a remote interview, you won’t be able to look your job interviewer directly in the eye, but you can create the illusion of eye contact by looking into the webcam. Location the cam straight above the center of your monitor and put a sticky note listed below it to advise you where to focus your attention.

5. Speak Clearly and Energized

When interacting by means of cam, you may need to speak more slowly than you would in person to make certain you’re coming through clearly. If you mumble, your interviewer may have to ask you to repeat yourself. Silence from the other end of the connection can be frazzling but do not hesitate to ask for a moment to believe if you need to before responding. If you battle with performance stress and anxiety, consider speaking with your physician about tension medications to assist manage the physical symptoms.

6. Stay Focused and Do Not Ramble

It’s simple to get sidetracked when speaking with from house, however it is necessary to stay concentrated and to project both energy and self-confidence. Smile or keep a neutral expression on your face, nodding when appropriate to reveal you’re focusing. Keep your answers concise and attempt to prevent rambling.

It is completely natural to feel worried during an interview, however if you let your stress and anxiety take the reigns your job interviewer might not get a precise impression of you and your capabilities. The stakes can be even greater in a remote interview, so follow these ideas to take control. Make certain your confidence, personality, and qualifications shine through, so you become a candidate to remember.


Carl Wheatley — Product Design Recruiter / Coach

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