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  • UX Collective Editors

    UX Collective Editors

    The polar bear behind http://uxdesign.cc

  • Christina Ngm

    Christina Ngm

    Fortune 500 Recruiter, Career Coach and Content Creator | coachchristinanm.com

  • Theresa Zhu

    Theresa Zhu

    Product Designer @ Stripe

  • Su Min

    Su Min

    My desire to create more holistic, meaningful solutions for people led me to UX Design. Currently a Product Designer at a Large Financial Company.

  • Michaël Villar

    Michaël Villar

    @michaelvillar on Twitter

  • Eugen Eşanu

    Eugen Eşanu

    Designer and casual writer. Building Shosho.co

  • Artiom Dashinsky

    Artiom Dashinsky

    Product Designer, Author & Maker 🐤👉 twitter.com/hvost

  • Stephanie Engle

    Stephanie Engle

    Designer at Airbnb, Cruise, Facebook VR. And other redeemable qualities.

  • Jon Moore

    Jon Moore

    Principal Design Partner Innovatemap in Indianapolis. Creator of The Design Encyclopedia (https://www.designencyclopedia.io). Email: 1jonmoore@gmail.com

  • eric eriksson

    eric eriksson

    Swedish Product Designer in NYC. Currently @squarespace. Previously @instagram, @facebook, @spotify

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