How to nail your UX interview using design storytelling — 3 essential tips

1. Scope out your story in advance

First, determine the goal of your story and practice telling it out loud. This helps you determine the right length so you don’t go overboard with the details.

2. Start with a concise & engaging summary of your story

This technique is also called the Bottom Line Up Front approach. Pick out the most engaging part of your story and lead with this. Then summarize the whole story in a few words before going into discussing the details.

3. Don’t talk about the actions alone: Explain the results

Your story should be more focused on explaining the results of your project, not just the actions taken in the process.


Next time you go into a UX design interview, don’t underestimate the power of compelling storytelling. Just remember to prepare what you’re going to say beforehand and avoid going into too much detail. Lead with the most interesting part of the story, and don’t forget to explain the results. Using these pointers, you’ll be well on your way to nailing your next UX role.




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Carl Wheatley

Carl Wheatley

I specialize in the placement of Design professionals @ Facebook. Prior UI/UX Designer.