Seven tips on What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile if you Want Recruiters to Notice You

Carl Wheatley
4 min readJul 13, 2021
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“Many skilled people or professionals do make sure they update their LinkedIn profiles, and that’s only when they’re actively searching for good jobs….”

Well, the above statement is a misnomer in some way. It should be more like this; recruiters are steadily mining LinkedIn over 467 million profiles to identify good or top candidates — now that caught the excitement, didn’t it?

However, if you update your LinkedIn profile, you may not be looking for your next job; it comes to you on a silver platter.

With that said, here are the six tips to put on your LinkedIn profile and catch the recruiter’s attention;

1. You need a good photo.

According to LinkedIn, profiles that include a photo are thirty times likely to be viewed than those who have none. They are also eight times more likely to receive connection requests.

Why not go for a flattering, smiley, professional photo that makes you look flawless. Do skip the poorly cropped ones, or seem to have low-resolution or include another person, or worse, some pet or camping stuff.

2. Remember to Fill out the Summary section.

The summary section on LinkedIn is a good place to clear all of your achievements and professional goals. Most recruiters consider it the most significant section of your profile. Feel free to add a short paragraph or some bullet points.

Why not use it as an opportunity to talk about your motivations, interests, skills, and experience, etc.? It matters.

3. Your educational background is necessary.

Do not ignore this because by adding your school or schools, hiring managers and your former classmates will likely find you in searches. Yes, most profiles with completed education fields are said to receive over eighteen times more messages from recruiters. Definitely add those online courses or bootcamps that you have taken

Nonetheless, you may want to consider excluding your graduation year, which signals your age to potential employers.

4. Your Location is necessary.

You’ve heard the phrase, ‘Your location is necessary for getting that job,’ and it seems simple enough, but may I tell you it does go a long way.

Recruiters are known to screen by location, and leaving your location can have drastic consequences — it simply leaves you as the best candidate for many jobs. Now days you can add REMOTE to your location too.

So by adding your city or metro area to your profile, you will certainly boost the chances of being seen thirty-three more times.

5. Add your skills

Would you mind not thinking adding skills to it is being too technical? If you have great writing, communication, negotiation, art, etc., why not say it and seal the potential deals.

More recruiters are searching for people with___________; fill the word yourself, and when you do so, it can help only you. LinkedIn advises that you showcase five or more skills of yours to showcase your different talents.

6. Your Current Position

When you have an outdated position on your LinkedIn profile page that certainly looks bad for most recruiters, or simply put gives a red flag. And they might think that just because you haven’t updated it, you aren’t active on the website and would fail in returning their message — which could be insulting to some of them at times, or worse, they may think that you don’t take your online professional presence seriously.

Why not take a minute, and improve on that aspect; this is a great way to boost your online job market space. Do not fail to put your company, start date, and current title.

7. Add Keywords

I would always make sure you add keywords for example: Pronouns, he/she, job title, related titles, location etc. Always put your SEO hat on.

Carl Wheatley — Product Design Recruiter / Coach

Carl is a Product Design recruiter at Facebook. Before recruiting, he was a UI/UX designer working with many tech startups to design mobile apps. Carl is also the co-founder of a Meetup called Global UXD where he helps connect designers with each other and create new opportunities. Having completed Bloc and Designlab bootcamps before becoming a recruiter, he’s an expert at helping designers land their first design roles. Find Carl on and LinkedIn. Need your Design Portfolio Reviewed?? Check out Design Portfolio Review.



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