Where Thousands Of Tech Workers Went After Mass Layoffs by CNBC

Carl Wheatley
2 min readAug 7, 2023

CNBC contacted me last week to share my compelling story on the highs and lows of the tech industry. We spoke about what is the future in Ai and the workforce. It was sad talking about my dream company and how I lost my job but it was a great experience and looking forward to what’s next.

Tech companies shed more than 386,000 jobs last year and in the first half of this year. And that number is climbing. But while layoffs have taxed workers, a booming artificial intelligence market is giving the industry a renewed sense of optimism. Generative AI startup deals announced or finalized In the first quarter of this year totaled more than $12 billion compared to about $4.5 billion invested in the space last year, according to PitchBook. Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft have also made significant AI investments. So how have layoffs impacted tech workers and what will the AI boom mean for their future?

Watch the video to learn more.

Chapters: 00:00 — Introduction 02:49 — Layoffs 06:23 — A.I. Boom 09:48

What’s next? Produced by: Shawn Baldwin Edited by: Nic Henry Camera: Andrew Evers Supervising Producer: Jeniece Pettitt Graphics: Jason Reginato, Alex Wood, Christina Locopo

Carl is a Product Design Recruiter. Before recruiting, he was a UI/UX designer working with many tech startups to design mobile apps. Carl is also the co-founder of a Meetup called Global UXD where he helps connect designers with each other and create new opportunities. Having completed Bloc and DesignLab bootcamps before becoming a recruiter, he’s an expert at helping designers land their first design roles. Find Carl on carlwheatly.com and LinkedIn. Need your Design Portfolio Reviewed?? Check out carlwheatley.com

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